Good lord, what are you doing here? This stuff is so ancient, it's dusty. I claim no responsibility for whatever the hell was going through my mind when I made any of this.

Some of this material is adult in content (but juvenille in nature).

That Wacky Watchtower
Appropriated Imagery Collages
Drinking and video games
Aliens design specs for Quake mod that never happened
More Cartoons and Drawings
Itty Bitty AnaRandoms
GIF Icons

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Non-Digital Multimedia: Naughty Nazis



I'm sorry the reproductions of these paintings are from very poor photographs. They look kinda sucky, but I figured I'd put them up anyway.


That Wacky Watchtower: Shameless Interpretations of the Gospel of Jehovah

What fun one can have with a black pen and a copy of You Can Live Forever In Paradise On Earth while sitting on the potty! Obviously, these images are not mine.


Appropriated Imagery Collages

Wendy and Lisa: Fanart for Song All Nite
- Hourglass Nebula image from NASA


Fanart (Sci-fi, animation, video games, comics and other geeky things)

Odin from FF8
Marlboro after being hit with Chocometeor (FF8)
Queen Brahme's Birthday -or- Garnet Was Framed (FF9)
Chocobo Hot n' Cold Game (FF9)
Tott Doneeta (Twilek Jedi from Dark Horse series)
Jet (from Cowboy Bebop)
Sleestak Jamboree


What happens when you mix tequila and Arkanoid

You get dizzy

Designs for "Aliens"-based Quake III Mod that never got off the ground

Design sketch for M41A Rifle
Very upset marine with flamethrower


Cartoons and Drawings: Some straight pen and ink, some photoshop modded

Wendy and Lisa: Fanart
Self portrait dark sketch 1
Self portrait dark sketch 2
Birthday Greetings
The McGee Family
Why Women Kill
A Barrel of Lenins (image from a dream)
Sample of very old comic
Neighborly Folks
Dream I had regarding WTC
Another dream image.
- I had to put him in, because he looks like an evil Tex Avery character
"Expected Side Effects"
My dream as a faerie
Socialized Medicine
some teeny thing..
another teeny thing -or- how to scare tourists with indigenous wildlife
For those who dislike leaving the house... with inappropriate multiple horizon lines...


Itty Bitty AnaRandoms: Visual Interpretations of Ana Voog's random word generator
Here's the story: Ana's cam will randomly generate four words every 30 second refresh. Some come up better than others. What follows are drawings inspired by some of the more serendipitous ones. Not all of them read as well as expected, especially if you aren't familiar with her dogs, Pooka and Dieter. Check Ana out at

Set 01
Set 02
Set 03
Set 04


Toons 4 Ana

Just some cartoons that have been inspired by the daily doings of Ana Voog
okay, the fact that Ive had to devote an entire section to this is rather scary

Meditative Home Improvements: When Ana painted the floor red
ana's skybath


Teeny GIFs created for LiveJournal Avatars

And in case you already haven't seen enough of it...
The Monster Clock


Mood Icons for my LiveJournal.

A lot of people have asked to use these icons for their own journals and blogs. I am deeply flattered at all requests regarding this, especially because those interested have the decency to ask me instead of just swiping them. However, at this time I can no longer give permission for their use. All individuals who have received prior permission still have it, I just can't grant any further queries. Nothing personal.
Any persons caught using my icons without my consent will be reamed with a stale pinecone.